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Whether you are looking to sell a home by owner or just looking to see what the market is doing, is a great source for information. We can help you sell or rent your home with advertising outlets in any of our magazines and online products. Furthermore, if you are in the market to buy a home we have thousands of South Florida properties to chose from listed by Realtors or eager home owners looking to sell or rent there homes. If you are looking to buy an investment property we can help you too! A great source for homes for sale.

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What makes different from all the other real estate websites?

To start, we only focus on properties located in South Florida, mainly Miami-Dade county and Broward County. Our website is an extension of our Real Estate magazines, and a value ad service to our advertisers. We do our best to bring together real estate professionals with home buyers, sellers, and investors. Our extensive history in the market has made us a household name. As a result, we offer a more direct connection to the homeowners looking to buy or sell a home or the agents who represent the sellers and buyers. This site also offers opportunities to homeowners looking to sell their homes without a realtor or would like to "test the waters" prior to committing to a Real Estate agent. In addition, we are a great tool to help promote properties in addition to an agent's marketing strategy. We offer a more personalized advertising media to help you sell or rent your property fast and for the most money.